AlQaris’s Profile

The company was founded in March 2004 as agricultural and animal production company by Sudanese capital in an area of 123 acres. The project located in Khartoum state Jabal Awlia Street, Tayba Alhasnab. The project intake more than 400 workers in different sections include vets (veterinarians), agriculturalists, engineers, technicians, and trained workers of both genders.

231144_4639224614420_400819883_nAlQaris’s sections:

1. Layer Farm: Our layer farm is consider as one of the big and modern projects of meal eggs production in Sudan using the full automatically recent manufacture German’s technology till the delivery of the eggs to the distribution vehicles, the project produce around 6000 trays per day which make the annual production is 60 million eggs.

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2. Broiler Farm: We expanded our broiler production in the recent years by increasing the numbers of closed houses to embrace around five hundred thousand birds in one round with productive capacity up to 4000 tons per year from whole chickens and different derivatives.
• Grade (A) chicken.
• Boneless chests (fillet).
• Whole leg.
• Mixed portions.
• Drum sticks.
• Gizzards.

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3. Feed Mill: We owned feed mill in an area of three acres with productive capacity of ten ton per hour attached with seeds cell with 500 ton capacity working according to international and high standards.

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4. The Incubator: The incubator occupied an area of ten acres in Sondus agricultural project at 50 Km south of Khartoum as one of the most recent executed project produce four million day old chicks as 30% of its capacity for the time been, by the end of 2016 we expected to reach 100% of our capacity and we’ll supply other projects with the day old chicks.

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5. Construction and Engineering: The section executed the different poultry projects (broilers houses, layer houses, automatic slaughterers, and fridges installation) the company got completed accumulated experiences. One of the executed projects (Sayir animals and agriculture production projects).

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6. Parents Stock: The study was over in 2014 and the execution came into reality which located in the White Nile state in Elgetina (seventy KM south of Khartoum state), the project occupied 500 acres including 27 mother houses with 6,600 capacity and 20 broiler houses with 30,000 bird capacity. Now the project works with 30% of its capacity and expected to reach its full capacity by the end of 2016.